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Posted by superstitious on Jul 20, 09 2:31 pm

hey, i hear you were possessed by a demon and that's why you post the things you do. i just want to let you know that makes me like you even more!

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jul 20, 09 2:24 pm

i've never heard of vivanno

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jun 30, 09 7:42 pm

i'd have to say that it's pretty much the best graphic on cb

Posted by brooklyneast05 on May 17, 08 12:51 pm

I just love your favorite graphic.

Posted by superstitious on May 16, 08 10:41 pm

LOL Hey wtf, comments have to be more than 3 letters? Since when?

Posted by superstitious on Apr 16, 08 8:09 pm

i just did the dumbest thing. when i came here i saw under your banner it said brooklyneast05. i didn't realize that was my navigation and i was like wow rebecca has my screen name on her layout wth!

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Apr 16, 08 7:48 pm

Hey OM. =/ Your woodsy background is relaxing.

Posted by superstitious on Apr 7, 08 7:48 pm

hey admin

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Apr 7, 08 7:10 pm

yeahhhhhhh soothing, that's the perfect word to describe it. i get in moods where i only wanna listen to something like that and your song hit the spot. i might check out more music from em.

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jan 26, 08 3:28 pm

Thanks, JC. That's Astrud Gilberto (and her husband in the beginning). She has such a timeless and soothing tone. If you get a chance (and have the means), you should pick up an impeccable compilation CD entitled "Astrud Gilberto's Finest Hour". I love Brazilian bossa-nova.

Posted by superstitious on Jan 26, 08 5:19 am

i love this song

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jan 25, 08 8:19 pm
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